Rainy Sale Days


With the sound of windshield wipers and a little “Willie’s Roadhouse” in the background, we headed down the road. It was a Saturday in September, so naturally we were on our way to a cow sale. Colonel Jim Birdwell was in the driver’s seat with Doug Paul, Chisolm Kinder, and myself along for the ride. At one point in the two-hour drive Birdwell and Doug were busy discussing horse pedigrees and Chisolm was playing on his phone. So, I decided to see what was happening in the Twitter world.

Once again, it was Saturday in September, and Oklahoma State was hosting its 2014 home opener against Missouri State. As you can imagine my Twitter feed had been overrun by OSU fans and other college football news. While some tweets included anxious and excited fans for the game, most were sharing their dissatisfaction with the rain that game day. However, on this sale day the falling rain and rising cattle market had those in Birdwell’s vehicle in high spirits.

Its been said to me many times, “I’ve never had a bad one (sale) on a rainy day.” That statement held true last Saturday at Armitage Livestock’s commercial female sale. When Mike Armitage was asked how he thought the sale would go he said, “If it grosses over two million, I’ll be happy.” In the end, he was very happy. 850 head averaged close to $2,700 and grossed a little over $2.3 million.

Ultimately, not everyone can have a rainy sale day, but if you’re blessed with such a day, know it will be a good one.


Pictured Back Row L to R: Mike Armitage, Jim Birdwell, Doug Paul, Cas Salley, and Stephen Russell. Front Row L to R: Martha Armitage, Chisolm Kinder, and Mark Sims.


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